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  1. Cindy Germino

    Welcome back Jay Turner!! You’ve been missed!! We love you!! Not to say we didn’t Love Niki either and that Dave was no slouch! Wish we could keep ya all! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Camille Gamble

    Hey Tim!
    This is your ex-neighbor Camille Gamble. So I have a bone to pick with you!!! Why oh why don’t you guys ever play Cody Jinks??? He is so bass ass!! All of his songs are so awesome. He is a mixture of old school twang and country boy lerics! We all play him over and over! Cowboys and Hippies is probably one of his best but any song from his Adobe Sessions and Less Wise are golden! I can’t believe this guy isn’t a huge star. Alan mixed with Merl! On point! Play me a song! Good seeing you at rodeo. I listen to you still every morning. Hope Liz and the kids are doing good! Talk to you soon!
    Camille Gamble

  3. Erika

    I used to listen all the time when I grew up in the area. I grew up and moved to the Midwest, now I’m in Reno listening online right now.

  4. (JIM) James E Riggs

    Just moved to Santa Maria been coming here for a lot of years always listen to Sunny-Counter like it alot

  5. Leeann Nichols

    So excited for Blake’s new tour my friends and I saw him at Paso Fair he put on a great concert

  6. Robin Zimmerman

    Nikki is the best radio has to offer nobody is kinder then her more people should take after her the world wood be a better place with people like her all the best!

  7. Karen Burke

    my son says “Country Music is good for your soul!” I’d say I raised a smart man! Enjoy the day!

  8. Michelle Kenny

    Hi. I love Sunny Country, it is the best!
    Sunny plays the absolute best country from today and all my favorites from years past.
    Way to go Sunny! Thank you!
    I discovered country music after my husband passed away. Thank GOD I did too! Country brought light into my life again and puts the biggest smile on this ol’ gals face. I am so very grateful to each and every one of you!


  9. Anonymous

    I love love love sunny country! Jay and Jesse are amazing and so is Catfish! But hey actually your all great including Jennifer Grant! Used to listen to soft rock than 28 years ago I moved to central coast from L.A. die hard country girl! Love sunny country!????

  10. Jim Bernal

    Originally from Santa Maria. Live in Upstate New York now. So glad the streaming is finally working! Tried for a long time. Makes me feel like I’m back home.

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