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    Please give me name of song played this morning approx 9 am with lyrics ” like breathing out and breathing in”

  2. Darla Pettis

    What happened to the simulcast on 96.1? I live in north SLO county & am an avid listener but can no longer get the station.

  3. swalter

    Good morning Darla! El Dorado Broadcasting sold it’s stations last May/June. American General Media only bought 102.5, not 96.1, so we can only be heard in Lompoc/Orcutt/Santa Maria/5 cities/ and SLO. You can always listen live though, or download or app so you can listen on the go 🙂

  4. Dexter Scoot

    Im a student at Allan Hancock College also, part of being a student is reading! On the receipt it clearly tells you “This is not a valid permit” also on the receipt it tells you if you dont get your permit with in 10 days contact the police department, there are warning signs every 10 feet that tell you very clearly that you must have a permit on your windshield on the left hand side. Those officers are very easy going and give breaks all the time. Students like her should get a ticket we all have personal problems and have kids. Next she should read instructions and she will be ok! lucky for her now she has zoo tickets for her ignorance!!!! People like her make it hard to find parking.

  5. Daniel A. Cadena Jr.

    Marines from Marine Corps League Coastal Valleys Detachment 1340 will celebrate the 241 anniversary of the Marine Ball, Saturday, Nov 5, at the Santa Maria Radisson. Tickets for the prestigious event can be purchased now at $45.00 each by calling (805) 741-9074. The event will include the traditional cake cutting ceremony, dinner and dancing. Space is very limited and no tickets will be sold the evening of the event.

  6. swalter

    Hi Karina, you have to listen for your chance to win. Jay and Jessie are giving out trees every morning.

  7. Shelli Donald

    Good morning. What is the special you mentioned with Omaha Steaks this morning? How and where do I go to get that deal? Thanks,

  8. Shannon Galvan

    i heard something last week about adopting a family for Christmas, but can’t find a link on the website. Is that still something that is happening?

  9. Cindy Germino

    I love you Jay & Jesse….Merry Christmas!
    By the way…I love Joe Diffie and Leroy the Redneck Reindeer!!
    Redneck Gal at heart here! 😉

  10. Kelly

    Please see to it this man is fired for his slamming of Liberals, what a disgrace.
    Denis Miller · Afternoon Host at Sunny Country 102.5 FM
    Thank God. A petty Lib stunt because of anger and bitterness. Thats not where we want to go America, and the judge made it so.

  11. TS

    What about folks who don’t use credit cards, do you take from direct deposit? Please answer without using my name. Thank you

  12. Edward Perry

    Love sunny country morning Jay and Jessie welcome too sunny country family. Edward & Vickie.

  13. Jay Robles

    I am a disabled veteran and dedicated listener of your station. While listening to your station I couldn’t help but notice the dedications going out to current and prior service memebers. While you stations dedication to our service men and women, patriotism, and commitment to continually show respect to our armed forces is very much appreciated I felt it was my duty to send this email to you. I feel that sometimes our society forgets the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day which is in November. Today is the day to remember and honor those”FALLEN” brothers and sisters in arms. The ones who were unable to make it back from combat like the rest of us. An acknowledgement of that is what is needed to be put on air. Thank you for your time to read this and keep on doing a great job.
    Me·mo·ri·al Day
    məˈmôrēəl ˌdā/
    a day on which those who died in active military service are remembered, traditionally observed on May 30 but now officially observed on the last Monday in May.
    (in the southern states) any of various days (especially the fourth Monday in April) on which similar remembrances are observed.

  14. Keri

    How do I get the Omaha Steak special, I thought it was said this morning it was for $49.95, I don’t see any for that price.


  15. Bruce Janatsch

    Please, please redo your station commercial where the announcer pronounces Cuyama incorrectly. It’s bad when you don’t know the pronunciation of the towns in the area you serve. It’s not Cumyama. Thanks.

  16. Jonny Chartier

    Hey I was wondering if we could hear that new lanco song this morning? Would love to see this band get bigger! Thanks for keeping my mornings at work not so boring!

  17. Lanette Smith

    How come you guys don’t play Sara Evan new song “Marquee ” I saw it on GAC countdown. Awesome song.

  18. Fran

    I love your guys’ station so dont take this the wrong way….
    but lately the vast majority of your playlist is putting me to sleep. Too frequently are the songs being played a slow country song. 1) Its a hazard, ppl shouldnt fall asleep while theyre driving 2) I would imagine ppl would like something other than slow songs
    Love you guys!

  19. Barbara Stephens

    I am not able to play the music from my work computer or my iphone. On my computer it just plays an advertisement and then goes silent. Played fine all last week. On my iphone it says “cannot connect to audio stream for station. Check network connectivity. That also was fine last week. I have not made any changes in my iphone settings. Not sure what to do in either case, but miss listening to your station.


  20. Anna

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the awesome Wine Dinner last night at the Landsby! It was a great experience. Highly recommend the Wednesday Wine Walk!


    ???? My Dear Mr. Catfish,
    Ahhhh… “Cockroach Milk?” Please!!
    May I ask, where in the Heck did you get this extreamly >Distasteful< bit of information?!
    And why did you feel the need to share it
    with your devoted listeners?!
    This is really going to take some time to get over ya know,! And the fact that I heard it from….
    MY Dear Mr. Catfish!! ???? Aaahhh????

    Still Love Ya,

  22. D Nott

    Catfish is wrong about D-land, it closed Mondays and Tuesdays early on, not Tuesday and Thursday.





  24. lori

    just a quick note to say that the flu shot CAN make you sick. it may only be for a few hours rather than weeks but it is possible. I work in health care and have administered the flu shot as well as immunizations to children and it is not uncommon to fall ill after receiving vaccinations. I know personally the last 3 times I’ve had it I immediately get a high temp and chills with body aches for about 5 hours. the actual myth is that they are dead flu viruses so they can’t make you sick. the pharmaceutical company sure doesn’t like to lose money 🙂

  25. paul vanmeter

    hello jennifer could you please mtell me who the female singer of the song either speechless or i’m speechless that you guys play please.thanks a lot

  26. Cj Athanasuleas

    Pryor Baird’s new song “The Kind You Write Songs About” has been released on Spotify and is available on Amazon Music. Time to get your locals on board to making this happen for Pryor!

  27. ERICA R.


  28. Cheryl

    Good morning,

    I listen to you guys at work everyday and just noticed this week or maybe it was last week that Jay and Jessie are only on till 9:00am – how come? I miss the bantering ,it helps the morning pass.

  29. Keith Smith

    Hey guys! My name is Keith. I broke my neck in a motorcycle accident in Santa Maria. I am now in a wheelchair. I have realized the need for a paralysis foundation on the Central Coast ever since. My team and I have recently started a foundation to serve our community called "United Spinal Association Central Coast of California". Due to the pandemic we are reaching out to people in the community who suffer from a spinal injury and offering them $100 grocery gift cards. I would love to announce this over your radio station. What are the chances of me being able to do this? Thanks! – Keith

  30. Austin

    I was horrified when I was listening to your station this morning around 7:45 am, and your male DJ/host used the word "nonsense" in relation to talking about the George Floyd protests! Let me guess….he’s Caucasian?! As am I, but I believe in equality for everyone. He should apologize on air.

  31. Cheryl Ausan

    Hi just wanted to ask what was the name of that of the tutoring company you guys interview yesterday (Monday around 8:30) thank you

  32. Jon

    I have stopped listening to your station. I am a country music fan, but what you guys play is no longer country. I couldn’t stand hearing another Sam Hunt song. Even you guys must admit to your selves how bad this music you play is. Please play some real country. Despite what the radio would have you believe there is still real country being made today.

    Artists like Tyler Childers are making real country music. And before you say "that’s not what people want to hear", note his songs have millions of views on youtube, "white house road" has nearly 30 million views, yet you won’t ever hear him played on the radio. Guess hes just not pop enough for today’s country stations.

  33. Chase c goulet

    You guys are still currently giving out cash cow words, BUT the website no longer has anywhere to put them in. 😑

  34. Yadira Cadena

    Good Afternoon,

    From the Santa Maria-Bonita School District, we would like to see how we can go about announcing these upcoming events on air.

    Less than 25% of kindergarten students in Santa Maria enter kindergarten ready to learn. When you start school behind it is hard to catch up! The Santa Maria-Bonita School District would like to partner with parents and caregivers to increase the number of students who have the skills needed to be successful in kindergarten. Please join us in this conversation so that we can work together to improve learning outcomes for our children! We need to hear from the community about how the school system can better support parents and caregivers in meeting the needs of our youngest learners before they enter school.

    Early Learning Plan Community Input Meetings will be taking place:
    1. English on Friday, February 05, 2021 from 5PM-6PM.
    2. Spanish on Friday, February 05, 2021 from 6PM-7PM.
    3. Mixteco on Monday, February 08, 2021 from 6PM-7:30PM.

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