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    Please give me name of song played this morning approx 9 am with lyrics ” like breathing out and breathing in”

  2. Darla Pettis

    What happened to the simulcast on 96.1? I live in north SLO county & am an avid listener but can no longer get the station.

  3. swalter

    Good morning Darla! El Dorado Broadcasting sold it’s stations last May/June. American General Media only bought 102.5, not 96.1, so we can only be heard in Lompoc/Orcutt/Santa Maria/5 cities/ and SLO. You can always listen live though, or download or app so you can listen on the go 🙂

  4. Dexter Scoot

    Im a student at Allan Hancock College also, part of being a student is reading! On the receipt it clearly tells you “This is not a valid permit” also on the receipt it tells you if you dont get your permit with in 10 days contact the police department, there are warning signs every 10 feet that tell you very clearly that you must have a permit on your windshield on the left hand side. Those officers are very easy going and give breaks all the time. Students like her should get a ticket we all have personal problems and have kids. Next she should read instructions and she will be ok! lucky for her now she has zoo tickets for her ignorance!!!! People like her make it hard to find parking.

  5. Daniel A. Cadena Jr.

    Marines from Marine Corps League Coastal Valleys Detachment 1340 will celebrate the 241 anniversary of the Marine Ball, Saturday, Nov 5, at the Santa Maria Radisson. Tickets for the prestigious event can be purchased now at $45.00 each by calling (805) 741-9074. The event will include the traditional cake cutting ceremony, dinner and dancing. Space is very limited and no tickets will be sold the evening of the event.

  6. swalter

    Hi Karina, you have to listen for your chance to win. Jay and Jessie are giving out trees every morning.

  7. Shelli Donald

    Good morning. What is the special you mentioned with Omaha Steaks this morning? How and where do I go to get that deal? Thanks,

  8. Shannon Galvan

    i heard something last week about adopting a family for Christmas, but can’t find a link on the website. Is that still something that is happening?

  9. Cindy Germino

    I love you Jay & Jesse….Merry Christmas!
    By the way…I love Joe Diffie and Leroy the Redneck Reindeer!!
    Redneck Gal at heart here! 😉

  10. Kelly

    Please see to it this man is fired for his slamming of Liberals, what a disgrace.
    Denis Miller · Afternoon Host at Sunny Country 102.5 FM
    Thank God. A petty Lib stunt because of anger and bitterness. Thats not where we want to go America, and the judge made it so.

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